Training in Friendhouse Apartments


We are very pleased to announce that on 20/04/18. in our company there was a training on Sales and Customer Service, conducted by Mr. Karol Weber.

Karol Weber is a Hotel Inspector who combines passion for hospitality and travel in his work. In his 15-year experience, he traveled a lot to the farthest corners of the world, staying in the finest hotels. He is also the author of a blog devoted to the subject of hospitality.

We are very grateful to Mr. Karol for the time spent and to share his professional knowledge with us. We believe that continuous improvement will have a positive impact on the quality of our services and we will be able to meet your expectations. We want you to feel in our apartments as in your own home and would like to come back to us, discovering our beautiful city - Krakow.

Below is a picture of our team with Mr. Karol:

Friendhouse Apartments