Few facts about Friendhouse Apartments



This post will not be dedicated to the topic: Is it worth visiting Krakow? The answer to this question is clear - of course, it is. Below we would like to present some important facts that you may not know about Friendhouse Apartments.



We are a young, dynamically developing team in which currently 10 people work. There are four of us at the reception - Karolina, Anastazja, Daria and Jakub and we work under our patron Piotr. We always provide professional advice and are not afraid of challenges. You can contact us every day from 8:00am to 10:00pm by:


- mail: reception@friendhouse.pl


- phone: +48 690 035 630


- or if you have access to the Internet (in each of our apartments is free), via Whatsapp on the same telephone number as above.


We are also supported by professional conservators: Andrzej, Mieczysław and Konrad, who perfectly know their work and are able to remove any defect.


Our office is located on Szlak 65 street, in room number 1007.


Check - in

We are aware of the fact that it is often difficult to determine the exact time of your arrival during your trip to another city. On the route, you can encounter unforeseen obstacles that make the journey longer, and you worry that you will not make it on time. Friendhouse Apartments faces this opposite. Our team, a few days before the planned arrival, gives instructions to the self-checkin. Thanks to this system, you do not have to rush to the appointed place at the appointed hour to pick up the keys, but you can arrive at any conveniet time, even in the middle of the night, at the address of the apartment and the key will always wait in the agreed locker. The instructions are very simple and the check - in process is quick and pleasant.



You often ask us if we charge some deposit. Well, no. We trust Guests that they respect our apartments as their own, therefore we do not ask for any previous deposits. If, however, we see any damage after the check out of our Guests, we contact and try to explain the situation.



An important aspect of our pricing policy is the fact that we do not share the fee for the number of Guests. This means that when renting an apartment, the price will not vary depending on the number of people. If during the booking you took into account more than the people turned out to be, it does not matter, the price will not change. However, if your reservation has been made for a certain number, but you would like to take an additional person, let know the reception desk who will advise you on the solution and will prepare the apartment for a larger number of people.


These are just a few facts about our company. If you still have any doubts, read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our reception.