COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information



Dear Guest,

To be responsible for your safety and comfort during your stay in our apartments and caring for your health, we have introduced preventive procedures and measures that are a priority for our employees. They concern the maintenance of special hygiene and cleanliness in the apartments.

We have introduced, among others the following activities:

* Our floor service staff disinfect all door handles, TV remote controls, all switches and switches, desk surface, kettles, bathroom handles and all other items exposed to frequent touch with every cleaning.

* Apartments are subjected to an ozonation process before each rental.

* Plates, cutlery, glass are always washed in dishwashers.

* Our employees use gloves and protective clothing.

* All our employees have been obliged to perform a specific health check and follow strict hygiene and cleanliness procedures.

* At your disposal, in various locations of the apartments, disinfectants have been installed, if possible.

* We also encourage you to order breakfast with non-contact delivery.

We assure you that we do everything to make your stay in our apartments safe, calm and leave a positive impression.

Board of FriendHouse Apartments