Hotel or apartment? What's better to choose?


What better place to stay when going to a foreign city? Regardless of whether it is a short or long stay, below we will present a few advantages to choose an apartment instead of a hotel room.


1. Price

Choosing an apartment you pay a lower price, which varies depending on the size, not the number of people. The price includes a standard, not a hotel service


2. Home away from home 

Apartments are characterized by greater freedom and privacy. Another advantage is the fact that you can invite guests in the apartment. The kitchen is adapted to prepare any meal or a romantic dinner. It is also a great convenience for families with children, whom can easily prepare their favorite dishes.


3. Size and equipment

There is no doubt that the apartments are usually bigger than a hotel room. They are also better equipped. In each of our apartments, apart from a fridge, a stove, a kettle and a toaster, you can often find an oven, a dishwasher or a washing machine.


4. Simple check-in

Forget about the check-in at the hotel reception. In our apartments there is no need of tiring receiving keys. A few days before arrival, our staff will familiarize you with the instructions for their receipt. Keys are always waiting in the box at the door to the apartment.


5. Location

Our apartments are located close to the city center, major tourist attractions or business centers. This allows for a few days to feel the atmosphere of the place and feel the real magic of Cracow.