What are our terms & conditions?

Please find the link

What are our check in/out times?

The check in starts at 15:00, the check-out is 11:00. Please contact the reception if your trip requires early check-in or later check-out

How can I enter the apartment?

All our apartments have special key boxes on their main doors. Few days prior your arrival we will send you the code to open the box and receive the keys. Please contact us if you haven’t received it or you have any problems entering the apartment. We will be happy to help you!

Do apartments have internet?

Yes, all of our apartments are equipped with free, secured WIFI.

What if you need to check in earlier?

Please contact us - we will check if the apartment is cleaned earlier. If not we will inform you how can you store your luggage.

Is the price shown on website for the person, or entire apartment?

All prices shown on our website are for the apartment up to the amount of Guests written in descriptions. If you would like to have an extra bed or baby cot in apartment, please contact us.

What if you need late check-out?

It is a subject to availability, therefore please contact us. We will try to help you!

Can I have an extra bed in apartment?

Extra, comfortable beds can be reserved for the fixed price per night. Please note that not all of the apartments are suitable to fit the extra bed. In case you would be interested in such service, please contact the reception.

Can I have something extra to my apartment?

Yes! Please visit the link to see the details.

Where can I park my car?

Most of our apartments have indoor, secured parking spots available to book. The price for parking is 50 PLN per night. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information and reserve it. Please take in consideration that parking on the street during working days requires paying daily toll.

I am travelling with small dog, can he stay with us?

Despite the fact that we generally do not accept animals, please contact us, so we can try to find the best solution for you stay!

Can I book a tour with you?

Yes, we do cooperate with one of the best tour companies in Kraków. Our reception will be happy to provide you more information about the tours. Please also visit link with details.

I need a airport shuttle. Can you organize it?

Of course! Please contact us, we will arrange transfer for you with one of the best and trustworthy companies in Kraków.

Can I smoke in apartment?

We do not accept smoking in the apartment. Please note that the Guests not follow this rule can be fined up to 400 euros for cleaning the apartment. In case you will smell cigarettes just after your arrival - please let us know!

I am travelling with small baby. Do you have any options?

Yes, we do. We have a variety of options to make your baby’s stay comfortable. Please visit the link link for more details.

How can I pay for my stay?

We do accept credit cards or bank transfers. In urgent cases you can pay by cash in our office at Szlak 65/1007

What is included in price of apartment?

The apartment price is all inclusive meaning that there are no additional charges, unless you have extra guests, or require extras such as parking or welcome packs.

Are towels, linen and toiletries provided?

Yes - all apartments have linen, towels, toiletries.

Are hairdryer, iron provided in apartment?

Yes - all apartments have hairdryers and irons equipped.

What happens if I damage the apartment?

We will charge for any major damage to our properties or the breakage of any significant items during your visit. Charges will be made in a fair manner to put right the damage, or to replace the broken object. Charges will be made to your credit card.

What if I will notice any damages after my check-in?

Then please contact us immediately so we can fix the issue with our handyman team.

How do I book apartments to accommodate a group?

Please contact the reception so we will prepare a best offer for your group!

I need an apartment for long stay. How can I book it?

Please contact us directly, so we will prepare a best offer for you. We will try to make your business stay even better! We do guarantee the best rate for long stays.

Can I have an invoice for my stay?

Yes, please contact us with your company details

How can I contact you?

You may contact us by email: reception@friendhouse.pl; phone: +48 690 035 630 or directly at Szlak 65/1007, Kraków.

Czy mogę przedłużyć swój pobyt?

Tak, prosimy o kontakt z recepcją. Ze względu, iż opcja przedłużania pobytu jest zależna od dostępności postaramy się przedłużyć pobyt w tym samym apartamencie lub zaoferujemy podobny apartament. 

I need to cancel my non refundable reservation. What happens then?

As you have selected a non refundable option, we cannot refund you. Please contact us so we will provide you with alternative options.


Do you have any business solutions?

We know how important is travelling for business. To suit your needs, Friendhouse Apartments have prepared business solutions. 

We believe that serviced apartments are the best option for business travellers. Fully equipped kitchens, spacious one bedroom flats, attractive locations and best rates are serviced advantages over hotel rooms.

Please contact us, so our Business Guest Counselor will prepare the best offer for you and try to make your stay as effective and comfortable as it can be.